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  • This week's transfer deadline is Friday 28th April at 19:45 (BST), when Atalanta play Juventus. Transfer made after this time will not become active until Gameweek 36.
Power Play booster played. Points for this team have therefore been doubled.
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  • Insure your squad against injuries and suspensions
  • Make unlimited transfers up until the Round transfer deadline
  • Use your wildcard wisely, you can only use it once per season
  • Click here for more details
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You are activating your wildcard. Once this set of transfers is confirmed, you will not be able to deactivate your wildcard.
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To change your automated substitution order for outfield Players, drag a Player to a different position on the bench.

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  1. Hello and welcome to MOTD Fantasy Footy 16-17. This step-by-step guide will show you all you need to know when selecting your team.

  2. Budget

    Remember, you will need to remain within the allocated budget.

  3. Select Formation

    You can choose your desired formation to help you tactically beat the opposition. Within reason, of course.

  4. Player Finder

    Use the filters in the Player Finder to narrow down your search for the ultimate Players.

  5. Add Players

    Click on the empty Player positions and the Player Finder will automatically update.

  6. Choose Captain

    Choose a Player to be your captain. He will earn double points in the next round.

  7. Auto Select

    If you are in a rush you can click this button to fill your team with random Players.

  8. Enter Team

    Once you have completed your team, click this button to enter your final details and begin playing!


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