Welcome to Match of the Day Fantasy Footy 2016-17, the ultimate Fantasy Football game!

In Match of the Day Fantasy Footy 2016-17, you can select your starting XI from the very best the Premier League has to offer. MOTD magazine readers can even play as a selection of European stars, including Messi and Ronaldo.

This season's game has a number of different rules and scoring opportunities - so make sure you familiarise yourself with all the details before selecting your team.

Please note that you have free transfers before Gameweek 1 but you will only have a maximum of 2 transfers per Gameweek from Gameweek 1 onwards.


In order to participate in MOTD Fantasy Footy 16-17, you have to sign up with a username and password.

We will only use your email address in order to contact you with important game information or to let you know if you have won a prize.

If you should detect that some of the information you entered during the registration is incorrect, please contact our Helpdesk.

You are only allowed to have one team per user. If it comes to our knowledge that a user has more than one team, all his/her teams will be deleted.

It is your responsibility to keep your log-in details private. MOTD is not responsible if anyone other than you uses you username/password to log in to the game.

Picking Your Team

You have a budget of 100 million virtual pounds and have to select 11 players. There is a maximum of 3 players from the same team. The player list features a selection of elite European players. You may have no more than 3 European players in your team at any time.

When selecting your team, it is possible to filter by club, position and price, as well as searching by name. It is also possible to only show players you have space for in your squad and are able to afford.

Changes can be made on the My Team and Transfers pages.

When you have found a player you would like to have in your team, please click on the + button. The player will be added to your squad in the correct position and the system tells you how much money you have left to spend. If you regret a player purchase (before saving), simply click on the red x button next to the player and he will be removed again.

You can choose any one of the formations listed below. Select a formation by clicking on the desired formation.

  • 4-4-2
  • 4-3-3
  • 4-5-1
  • 3-4-3
  • 3-5-2
  • 5-3-2
  • 5-4-1
  • 5-2-3

You have to select a captain for you team as well. The captain's points are doubled, however should the captain you have selected not play, no captain's points can be earned in that round.

Enter a team name and click on the 'save' button and you are ready to compete!


Up until the start of Gameweek 1 you have unlimited transfers, but after this date, it's 2 transfers per round only and unused transfers are not carried over into following rounds. No extra transfers will be awarded if one of your players is either long term injured, sold to another league or is otherwise not able to play for his team.

For details of Bonus Transfers, please refer to the Boosters section of the game rules.

Please note, a transfer has to have been registered in our database prior to the transfer deadline in a Gameweek in order to count towards the following Gameweek.


Points will be scored for the real-life performances of your 11 players.

European players will score points normally, based on their performances for their team in their domestic leagues.

Premier League players’ points for game actions are updated live during the matches. European players’ points will be updated after games have been played.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Action Points
Goal scored 7
Goal conceded -2
Clean sheet 3
Assist 6
Penalty save 3
Action Points
Goal scored 6
Goal conceded -1
Clean sheet 2
Assist 5
Hat-trick 9
Action Points
Goal scored 5
Clean sheet 1
Assist 3
Hat-trick 7
Action Points
Goal scored 4
Assist 3
Hat-trick 5
All Players
Action Points
Appearance 1
Played 60 mins 2
Penalty miss -3
Yellow card -2
Red card -5

*Assists are awarded according to official Premier League statistics.

*In order to receive points for clean sheet, a player must have played at least 60 minutes. Goals conceded will only affect the players that were on the pitch at the time when the goal(s) were conceded.

*After the final whistle all incidents will be scrutinized and in the event that errors are detected, these will be corrected accordingly. We aspire to have all points checked and verified no later than 24 hours after the final match in a Gameweek has ended.

*If goal scorers or assists are retrospectively altered by the stats providers, the points in the game remain the same.

*Points from postponed/rescheduled matches will count towards the Gameweek for which they are rescheduled. So if a match should have been played in Gameweek 2, but is rescheduled to be played at the end of Gameweek 18, the points will be awarded in Gameweek 18. This is the case no matter the reason of the rescheduling.


Public Leagues

Your players’ points will combine to give your entry a score on the game leaderboards. When entering your team into the game, you will be automatically be entered into a number of leagues:

  • An overall public league with all users entered into it.
  • A league with supporters of your favourite club.
  • A ‘League of Leagues’ where private Mini Leagues can face off against one-another.

Depending on your age you will also be entered into either The Under-14 league, for users under 14 years of age or The Over-14 League, for users who are 14 years of age or over.

Mini Leagues

Mini Leagues are the ideal way to have even more fun playing Fantasy Footy 2016-17 as you go head-to-head with family and friends. Creating a Mini League could not be easier, simply follow the steps below.

Click on the 'Mini Leagues' tab from the menu.

Follow the on-screen instructions to create a Mini League, choosing a name for your league.

Use the 'Invite' facility to email invitations to those you want in your Mini League.

If you wish to join a Mini League, you will need the League Code. To join a league, go to the 'Mini Leagues' section and enter code into the search bar. Then click 'Join League'. Alternatively, you can click the link from a Mini League invitation email, and you will be added to the league automatically.


During the season there will be Booster Codes published in the Match of the Day Magazine. You can enter these codes into the game to unlock some fantastic features which are exclusive to MOTD readers!

You can activate your Booster Codes on the My Team page.

Power Play

Score double points using the Power Play booster!

Power Play boosters can only applied to one Gameweek each month.

Entering a ‘Power Play’ code from the MOTD magazine, gives you the ability to score double points for your entire team for a single Gameweek. Your captain (who usually receives double points) will have their points quadrupled.

You can activate the Power Play booster for a specific Gameweek by entering the code before the transfer deadline of the Gameweek in question.

For example, if you wish to play the booster for the Gameweek 3, you should enter the code before the Gameweek 3 transfer deadline.

Bonus Transfer

Receive an additional transfer each Gameweek using the Bonus Transfer booster!

Entering a ‘Bonus Transfer’ code from the MOTD magazine, gives you one additional transfer for that Gameweek.

The additional transfer must be used before the Gameweek deadline. Unused transfers do not carry over from one Gameweek to another.

Transfer Deadlines

Transfer deadlines will be 19:30 on Friday on weeks in which there are European fixtures. If there are no European fixtures, the deadline will be at the kick-off of the first Premier League match.

The deadline for midweek gameweeks will be 19:30 on the day of the first eligible match.

The time remaining until the next transfer deadline is always visible on the game's countdown clock.

Your team must be entered by the transfer deadline in order to score points for that Gameweek. You may make transfers and captain changes at any time before the deadline. Any changes made after the deadline will not become active until the next Gameweek.


If two or more users end up with the same number of points, be it in the Gameweek, Monthly or overall rankings, the prize goes to the manager whose team scored the most goals in the round in question. If it is still a tie the team manager with the most assist is the winner.

In the unlikely event that it is still a tie, the team that was registered first will be declared the winner. When announcing the winners, we aspire to get this done as swiftly as possible and with a delay of no more than 28 days after the last match in each round.


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