• How many teams can I enter?

    In the interests of fair play, entries are restricted to one team per person.

    Using different email addresses to enter multiple teams with either made-up names or the names of friends / family members and then managing the team yourself could result in all of your teams being deleted.

  • How many transfers are available to me?

    For every Gameweek you will have two transfers available. If you do not use these transfers then you will lose them: transfers do not carry over to the following Gameweek.

    You can gain an additional transfer each Gameweek by entering the Bonus Transfer booster code, only available in the official Match of the Day magazine.

  • What is the deadline for making changes?

    Transfer deadlines will be 19:30 on Friday on weeks in which there are European fixtures. If there are no European fixtures, the deadline will be at the kick-off of the first Premier League match.

    The deadline for midweek gameweeks will be 19:30 on the day of the first eligible match.

    The time remaining until the next transfer deadline is always visible on the game's countdown clock.

    Your team must be entered by the transfer deadline in order to score points for that Gameweek. You may make transfers and captain changes at any time before the deadline. Any changes made after the deadline will not become active until the next Gameweek.

  • What happens if a team plays more than once in a week?

    If there is a complete set of midweek fixtures this would be a completely separate Gameweek. If there are matches during the week, but not a complete set, then these matches will be counted in the same Gameweek as the weekend fixtures. For details of the Gameweeks throughout the season, please see the How To Play section.

  • Can I make changes during a Gameweek?

    Yes, but any changes you make after a deadline will not take effect until the following Gameweek.

    If for instance on a Sunday in the middle of a Gameweek you decide to buy a new attacker and put him on the pitch immediately, he'll only start earning you points in the next gameweek. Deadline for making team changes ahead of a gameweek is always 15 minutes prior to the first match. For details of the deadlines throughout the season, please see the How To Play section.

  • How do Boosters work?

    During the season there will be Booster Codes published in the Match of the Day Magazine. You can enter these codes into the game to unlock some fantastic features which are exclusive to MOTD readers!

    You can activate your Booster Codes on the My Team page.

    Power Play

    Score double points using the Power Play booster!

    Power Play boosters can only applied to one Gameweek each month.

    Entering a ‘Power Play’ code from the MOTD magazine, gives you the ability to score double points for your entire team for a single Gameweek. Your captain (who usually receives double points) will have their points quadrupled.

    You can activate the Power Play booster for a specific Gameweek by entering the code before the transfer deadline of the Gameweek in question.

    For example, if you wish to play the booster for the Gameweek 3, you should enter the code before the Gameweek 3 transfer deadline.

    Bonus Transfer

    Receive an additional transfer each Gameweek using the Bonus Transfer booster!

    Entering a Bonus Transfer code from the MOTD magazine, gives you one additional transfer for that Gameweek.

    The additional transfer must be used before the Gameweek deadline. Unused transfers do not carry over from one Gameweek to another.

  • What happens when a player changes teams?

    If this takes you over the players per team limit (3), then you will need to go back within the limit when making your next transfers.

  • How do I set up a Mini League?

    The person setting up the Mini League will be the Chairman of that league. As Chairman, you must first register your own team and then:

    1. Click on 'Mini Leagues' from the menu and choose 'Join/Create Mini League'.

    2. Choose a name for your Mini League.

    3. Use the 'Invite' facility to email your friends and colleagues and invite them to join your league.

  • How many Mini Leagues can I join?

    There is no limit to the number of Mini Leagues you can join.

  • The league name and password that my friend/colleague gave me are not working?

    Make sure you have selected the correct Mini League from the search results. Password input is case sensitive, so make sure you don't have Caps Lock on.

  • The league password that my friend/colleague gave me is not working?

    Make sure you've carefully entered each digit, with no spaces before or after the password. If you continue to encounter difficulties, please contact us for assistance.

  • How do I delete my account?

    If you want to delete your account you need can submit a request by clicking here

  • The site is not displaying correctly for me. Why is this?

    In order for this website to work correctly you must use Internet Explorer version 9.0 or later. You can also use Mozilla 1.0 or any later version. Internet Explorer version 8 will not work as it does not support JavaScript well enough. Also Safari for Macintosh can cause problems.

    If you want to get a new version such as Internet Explorer, you can download it free here: Download IE

    Latest Version of Mozilla can be downloaded here: Download Mozilla

  • When will new players be added?

    New players will usually be added within 7 days of their transfer being completed.

  • One of my players has left the Premier League, what do I do?

    You can leave them in your team and they will continue to score 0 points. To change them you must use a transfer. You won't lose the points the player has earned you already.

  • My question has still not been answered here. What should I do?

    If you have any questions about that are not addressed in the information above, feel free to get in touch by clicking here.


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